24 June 2008

Why I Need 53.2 Hours in a Day

Fajr. Watch News. Morning conference call in NY. Some days early AM trip to NY. Design a sneaker. Look at 100 other designs. Design a sneaker. Dhuhr. Conference calls about my book. Check in with Phella from Famous Firm. Blog. Look at houses, foreclosures, possible investment properties. Read other blogs. Read Qur'an. AXP Fly Society business. Calls to the manufacturer. Design a shirt. Calls to stores. Looking at fabric swatches. Mentoring. House calls. Intake paperwork. Asr. Conference call with book editor. Return emails on Blackberry. Myspace...LOL. Mentoring. Blackberry chat with graphic designers. More emails on Blackberry. Quick conference call to NY. Possible chance to eat....TBA. Another call to Phella of the Famous Firm. Gatorade break to look at weekly planner. Gmail chat with my homie Dre over in Iraq. Conference call. Maghrib. Mentoring. Return emails on Blackberry. Quick peek at myspace...LOL. Family check in calls to NJ. Frivolous calls to my friends. Isha. My thoughts.

My point is, to get what you want, you have to go after it. This is the life that has been placed before me. Somedays, I don't want to do all of this, but to be a success you have to work hard, so you can play harder and live better. So for the people who don't get calls, emails, or any form of communication, I'm on my job and it's nothing personal. Just all in a day's work.

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Lexie H said...

OMG!!! I feel this post 110%. I was just discussing this very thing with a friend in DC. We were discussing how a 72 hour day would benefit us both. I love your blog by the way. Big Ups

Jetsetter. I defy Time Zones.