13 June 2008

Introducing: Fresh from The Gift: Rise, Fall, & Rebirth of a Legend


“Damn it! What do we have to do to get this bastard?” Detective Stankowitz was having a conniption fit, ranting and raving about the fact that none of her informants had anything on Dante Franklin, a.k.a. Fresh. Coincidentally, Trooper Dick was going on and on about some colored he pulled over yesterday in a fancy car with a bunch of high-powered attorneys on call. “Yeah, that’s him!” she said, feeling like her skin was on fire. Ever since Fresh worked the system to get probation on a case that should have resulted in jail time, Stankowitz made it her personal business to jam Fresh up; disregarding all points of the law she took a vow to uphold. After hearing the veterans run Fresh’s name through the ground, Stevens, a new trooper asked, “What has this guy done and why are so many charges being filed against him?” Troop 2 fell silent, until a sergeant cut in, saying, “That’s how we get convictions. We stack tons of charges on these morons, making sure that they have to take a plea bargain. Most of them don’t have lawyer money so they have to use a public defender, which is really our best friend. To top it off, once we get ‘em in jail, they are so stupid, instead of using the law library, they would rather play chess, cards, rap, or anything except getting their mind right. That’s why so many come back.” Stevens was learning a valuable lesson, but he felt as an officer of the law, you were supposed to do the right thing, not jam people up purposely and he voiced his opinion, saying, “But Sarge, I thought we charge the perp for what they did and nothing else.” The veterans laughed hysterically at the rookie, who was red in the face from embarrassment. “Son, you better learn quickly, we make millions off the department of corrections. Without this, you won’t have a job.” Stevens walked out of Troop 2 feeling ashamed of being an officer of the law.

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