09 June 2008

Introducing: Amina from The Gift: Rise, Fall, and Rebirth of a Legend


“Oh sh*t, is it like that?!?” Fresh was shocked to feel Amina’s hand unzipping his pants on I-95 South. Their sex life was live, but tonight he was in for a special ride home. Amina gave Fresh a moving strip tease, followed by kissing his enlarged organ, while he maneuvered the exotic wheel down the highway, moaning and loving every minute of her oral tricks. Fresh’s eyes rolled in his head, while Amina asked him if he was enjoying her. Words stuttered out of his mouth, but she understood and continued pleasing him at a feverish pace, handling him and fingering herself at the same time. Amina’s moans were taking Fresh to a place of satisfaction, not to mention he was ready to explode, so he grabbed her, leaned his seat all the way back, and she mounted his hardness, all while driving down the highway. This was an episode never to forget. “Till the Cops Come Knockin” came on and Fresh was all in, cupping Amina’s rear with one hand and driving with the other. Even driving, Fresh had a stroke game out of this world and she was loving it, biting his neck, kissing him, and riding him like a rodeo star. Her movements became faster and Fresh knew she was at the point of no return, so he began meeting her stroke for stroke, sending her to euphoria and the land of orgasms. “OOOOOHHHHHHHH FREEEEEESSSSSSSHHHHHH!!! I’MMMM CUMMMMMINNNNN!!!!” Fresh spanked her roundness a few times, now driving with his knees, while she trembled her way through a roaring climax. After several curse words, calls to her higher power, and nails in his back, Fresh knew the job was done.

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