19 June 2008


me. you. naked. talking without words. hands. touching. lips. kissing. skin. heated from anticipation. your secret treasure. pulsating for me. my manhood. ready for you. heartbeat. rapid. breathing. heavy. penetration. deep. moaning. loud. my name. repeated over and over. curse words about how good I am. i smile. your secret treasure. dripping wet. music to my ears. i listen. orgasms. legs trembling. my name. screamed out remixed with the moans. orgasms. multiples. my name. mentioned with God. penetration. amazing rhythm. tongue. licking. orgasms. give me more. my name. you're the best. i smile. new position. you're amazed. nipples. purple kisses all over them. moaning. uncontrollably. orgasms. nonstop. me. you. chemistry.

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