07 June 2008

Nasir vs Famous Firm: Blatant Disrespect Edition

This beef is getting out of control. Phella of the Famous firm posted a blog blatantly coming at my neck. This from the man who singlehandedly cost Polo a million plus from his avid knockoff buying and shoplifting. As we prepare for Game 2, the gloves are off. We agreed to a truce, but I don't think Phella is going to abide by the rules. P, don't do it to yourself. Sickamore and Sakwe already took a few shots for getting involved, let's stop the bloodshed before it goes worldwide, meaning the West Coast and the UK. Phella accused me of having poor sports knowledge and proceeded to say "It was all good just a week ago," including a picture of us in BMore. That was a nice ploy, but I know that was for show.

As a precaution, I decided to look into Phella a little more and I dug this up:

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Obviously, Phella has been indulging in these types of wars for so long, that he was crowned Moron of the year for 2007-08. Hopefully, this man will stop the insane thoughts of the Lakers winning the Finals, believing that any store that sells 4 Polo button-ups for $30 is selling authenics, abandons the idea that British Knights with Sonic the Hedgehog on the tongue are classified as vintage kicks, and that he can actually win this battle we are in. Phella: Save yourself and bow out gracefully.

Disclaimer: This is for fun, trash talking rights, and free promotion for the Firm and Nasir Aleem. No Famous Firm employees were physically harmed or threatened. This isn't a real beef, with guns, mace, brass knuckles, or weapons, just trash talking at its finest, from mental gladiators.

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