30 June 2008

Advance your Sink Game



Had to yank this from one of my favorite bloggers, Kanye West.

The Ammonite Washbasin from High Tech. A new concrete washbasin shaped as a fossil inspired by ammonites.

Ammonites are an extinct species of cephalopods which lived in the sea about 400 million years ago. Their shells are found all over the world and they are very much sought-after by fossil-hunters, their collector’s value depending on size and the state of preservation.

Andre 3000 - Alter Ego: The Mixtape

I'm late on this mixtape, but damn its good. Enjoy the innovative lyrics and remember that Hip Hop isn't dead, it is very much alive.

29 June 2008

Jay-Z with a Guitar performing Oasis songs...Wow!!

Once Jay-Z was announced as a headliner at The Glastonbury Festival, Oasis's Noel Gallagher had something to say. Back in April he made comments about Jay-Z and Hip Hop not being appropriate for the festival.

So Jay-Z (and his guitar) came out to perform Oasis's "Wonderwall" at the show...

Afterwards, he crushed the building with "99 Problems" and the crowd sung it word for word with him. Noel Gallagher: Stop using hip-hop as a scapegoat, its universal and its language transcends ALL races, social classes, and boundaries.

27 June 2008

The Gift: Rise, Fall, & Rebirth of a Legend: Amina

Amina was dragging from a long day. Aside from the nonsense with her supervisor, her ex called again, cursing her out over the voicemail for being in love with another man. Her plans were only to come home and curl up in Fresh’s arms, the only place she felt secure at. Amina walked in her home full of emotional baggage, but the soft sounds of Kindred, mixed with vanilla scented candles quickly swept her away to a place only lovers go. What is he up to? Amina was clueless to what her man was up to, but when she saw Fresh in an apron holding a single rose, she knew romance was in the air. “Sit down, my Amina,” he ordered, taking her jacket and seating his princess. “Let me guess, you made chickens on the George Foreman grill.” Fresh laughed at her small joke and dazzled her, putting a plate of seafood pasta before her eyes. Amina smiled as if she won the lottery, while Fresh spoiled his lady with dinner and dessert.

After dinner, Fresh blindfolded Amina, walking her into the bedroom. “Baby, what are you doing?” she asked, curious to what was up his sleeve. Without responding, he peeled her work clothes off, making sure to finger her soft skin, as she smiled and let out soft moans. Once ready, Fresh took of the blindfold and Amina gasped, seeing the bathroom illuminated by white and pink candles. “Oh baby! This is so nice!” she exclaimed, taking in the ambiance and enjoying the time with her man. Climbing into the tub, Amina smiled again, seeing the rose petals inside of the huge sitting tub. “All of this for me?” Fresh just sponged down his lady’s shoulders, happy she was having a nice evening. After cleaning up, Amina hopped out, retrieving her last surprise of the evening, while Fresh cleaned up the tub. Looking over her gifts, Amina grinned, thinking of how special her man was. A devious smile crossed her face when she saw the tie-up panties and she made her move, yelling out for Fresh, as if something was wrong. Before he could say a word, Fresh was stopped in his tracks by the sight of Amina in her new panties and a matching pair of stilettos. “You like?” she asked, noticing the lump in Fresh’s boxers. Without a word, he swept Amina in his arms, putting the finishing touches on a wonderful night.

The Gift: Rise, Fall, & Rebirth of a Legend: Fresh

Upon walking in his house, Amina walked up, staring him in the face, stuck in a labyrinth of thoughts. Resentment reared its head, as the two began arguing, tossing vile words back and forth, accusing each other of all kinds of wrongdoing. Amina’s frustrations shot through the roof and she started hitting Fresh in the chest, crying violently, full of disappointment and hurt. “Why Fresh, why is this happening to me?” she quizzed, still crying and pounding him in his upper body. Words left Fresh’s mouth, but she was lost in her emotions, somewhere between love and hate, wanting to ride for her man because she loved him, but flustered with the situations she was in as a result of his activities. Exhausted from her emotionally charged rant, Amina fell into Fresh’s arms, needing comfort from her man. “Just tell me everything is going to be ok,” she begged, resting her head on his chest, needing him more than ever at that moment.

“Amina, my love, I know my lifestyle has caused you problems, issues that you don’t deserve and issues I never wanted you to have to deal with, but I am officially out of the game and we can move on with our life together.” Amina gazed in her man’s eyes, listening closely to his words, wanting to trust in him and have faith, but the fact that she was suspended from work and questioned by the police was too much for her, as she broke their embrace, cursing him out again. Fresh walked away, giving her some space to voice her thoughts, but she rushed him and grabbed his arm, asking, “What are you just going to run out on me?” looking into his eyes, trying to read his mind. She gasped, as Fresh planted a deep kiss on her, mingling his tongue with hers, pulling her close to his body. Her mind said no, but her nipples became erect, her womanhood instantly got moist from his touch, and she wanted Fresh inside of her immediately.

They raced to get their clothes off, kissing, touching and moving towards the bedroom, only to fall over pant legs and each other. Giggling, they rolled around on the floor, still in the moment, as Fresh planted warm kisses all over Amina’s breasts, savoring each nipple for a moment, taking her to ecstasy with his immaculate foreplay. Fresh savored every inch of her body, kissing her from her forehead to her feet and everywhere in between. Loud moans escaped her lips, as Fresh’s tongue entered her wet folds, massaging her clitoris, as she bucked and grinded against his face, enjoying his oral game. Once Fresh felt her body trembling, he knew she was ready to climax and he gave her the treatment, inserting a finger into her wetness, while tongue kissing her throbbing clit, sending her to euphoria. Amina’s legs had a mind of their own, as they trembled in mid air, while Fresh kissed her stomach, flicking his tongue over her belly button ring.

“Lay on your back,” she purred, pushing him over, as she crawled on top of her man, returning the favor, swallowing his enlarged member, working feverishly to please him. Amina used her frustration as a motivation, sucking him off like a woman possessed. Fresh’s moans and grunts were more of an inspiration and she continued, until he grabbed her, flipping her over and penetrating her from the back. Sliding into her treasure, Fresh began pounding her insides, taking some of his frustrations out on the pussy, which was no problem for Amina, as she met him stroke for stroke, mixing pleasure with pain, as he spanked her, causing the dominatrix in her to emerge. Between moans, she ordered Fresh to stroke her harder and he did, grabbing a handful of her hair and wrapping it around his fist, as he long stroked her from behind. Thunder and lighting added extra ambiance, as Fresh’s strokes were in tune with the thunderclaps. A few calls to the Creator, Fresh’s name, and several curse words let him know those power strokes were well placed, but Amina wanted more, laying on the floor flat on her stomach, pulling Fresh down on her back, still sliding in and out of her dripping pussy.

Fresh.You.Are.Killing.The.Pussy.Don’t.Stop.Harder.More.Cumming.Now.Now.Cum.m.ing. Amina let out a powerful growl, as her body caught the trembles all over again, courtesy of another orgasm. Fresh was still in the mood, so he turned Amina over, putting her legs behind his neck, dipping into her, going in circles, mixed with a few hard strikes for good measure. Amina could feel Fresh’s organ pulsating wildly, meaning he was ready to climax, so she squeezed her vaginal muscles on his organ, drawing the orgasm out of him, as they climaxed together, falling out in the middle of the living room. Covered in sweat and smelling of sex, Amina still mustered up the nerve to tell Fresh, “You still get on my damn nerves,” lying on his chest. Staring at the ceiling, Fresh replied, saying, “Yeah whatever,” glad they were talking without an argument. The two wrestled around for a few moments, talking sh*t and cracking jokes, but Amina stopped, feeling something poking her lower body. “Fresh, what is that?” she seductively quizzed, staring at his sex organ standing at full attention, ready to report to duty. Pulling his woman on top of him, he told her, “Check for yourself,” positioning himself inside of her from the bottom for some more lovemaking. The two fell asleep, wrapped around each other, but not before Amina thanked him for the evil sex, kissing him on his cheek and hugging him tightly, never wanting to let go.

Jay Z Looking to Buy into the New York Yankees


It wasn’t that long ago that black men weren’t even allowed to play alongside whites, let alone own a piece of the most prestigious franchise in the MLB. Jay-Z is looking to become a minority owner in the New York Yankees, according to Time Out Magazine.

He’s already part owner of the New Jersey Nets, and almost bought into London-based soccer team Arsenal Football Club in 2005 before the deal fell through.

“I had invested in the Nets, and they (Arsenal bosses) asked me if I was interested in investing. But I get that from time to time,” Jay told London’s Time Out magazine. “Someone told me yesterday that someone else had a piece of the New York Yankees, ‘We wanna talk to you, yadda yadda yadda.’ I mean, I love the Yankees so I’m in the middle of following that through, but sometimes it comes to be nothing. That (Arsenal) was one of the times it came to nothing.”

Keep getting your money....

Lamborghini x Versace Edition.....WOW!!!

Below these words, you will see stunting on a new level. Shout outs to Mr. F.M. Phenomenal, aka Ferrari Murakami for this!!! Lamborghini has teamed up with Versace yet again to offer a special edition of the Murcielago LP640. If you're thinking this isn't a first, you're thinking right: Back in 2006, the two Italian houses of striking style teamed up to offer a small run of 10 LP640 coupes, and then produced an additional black roadster for a charity fundraiser. But now Lamborghini is offering the Versace edition LP640 Roadster to the public at large – that is, those who have the big bucks to cough up for one.

As could be expected, the Versace edition is more about style than substance. The bright white exterior is plastered with Versace's Greek motif, while the interior gets special full-grain, hand-embroidered, ultra-soft, white nappa leather on the seats, dashboard and center console. The Versace edition also gets a transparent engine cover that showcases the V12 for the first time. The special edition, unveiled yesterday at Versace's Via Gesu 12 in Milan during Men's Fashion Week.



26 June 2008

Obama on Rolling Stones.....Yes!!


I am excited about the possibility of Barack Obama becoming the next President of the US. While many people are stuck in the realm of being overly concerned with his race and the "first" Black president conversations, I will challenge people to do some RESEARCH, there was a Black president in the US. On the other level, remember we are kings and queens in our native land, the one we were stolen from. Barack's vision is amazing and I am hoping he is going to stick to what has earned him success thusfar. I pray Congress and the powers that be don't turn him into a yes man for destruction. Sadly, he has a ton of nonsense to clean up, courtesy of the American Gangster George Bush, but I believe in his philosophy and dedication to change. Enough of my political rant, for the moment, I'm happy to see him on the cover of Rolling Stones.

25 June 2008

Artist Joe Buck

Artist Joe Buckingham aka Joe Buck. He is MAJOR!! Check him out at www.artist-type.com




24 June 2008

Why I Need 53.2 Hours in a Day

Fajr. Watch News. Morning conference call in NY. Some days early AM trip to NY. Design a sneaker. Look at 100 other designs. Design a sneaker. Dhuhr. Conference calls about my book. Check in with Phella from Famous Firm. Blog. Look at houses, foreclosures, possible investment properties. Read other blogs. Read Qur'an. AXP Fly Society business. Calls to the manufacturer. Design a shirt. Calls to stores. Looking at fabric swatches. Mentoring. House calls. Intake paperwork. Asr. Conference call with book editor. Return emails on Blackberry. Myspace...LOL. Mentoring. Blackberry chat with graphic designers. More emails on Blackberry. Quick conference call to NY. Possible chance to eat....TBA. Another call to Phella of the Famous Firm. Gatorade break to look at weekly planner. Gmail chat with my homie Dre over in Iraq. Conference call. Maghrib. Mentoring. Return emails on Blackberry. Quick peek at myspace...LOL. Family check in calls to NJ. Frivolous calls to my friends. Isha. My thoughts.

My point is, to get what you want, you have to go after it. This is the life that has been placed before me. Somedays, I don't want to do all of this, but to be a success you have to work hard, so you can play harder and live better. So for the people who don't get calls, emails, or any form of communication, I'm on my job and it's nothing personal. Just all in a day's work.

Clae Summer 08 Preview


Available at www.clae.com

23 June 2008

Coming to America: Randy Watson aka Sexual Chocolate

This was a funny ass movie. I came across this clip and decided to throw up a shoutout to Jackson Heights own....Randy Watson from the What's going Down episode of "That's my Momma"....LOL!!!

22 June 2008

LV x Takashi Murakami Monogramouflage


The range includes a Keepall 55 ($1930), Pegase 60 ($2570), Speedy 35 ($1530), Trellis Denim Tote ($1610), Jasmin Denim Bag ($1770), Lys Denim Bag ($2090), iPhone Case ($280), Passport Cover ($355), small leather goods, jewelry, shoes, textiles and ready-to-wear.

19 June 2008


me. you. naked. talking without words. hands. touching. lips. kissing. skin. heated from anticipation. your secret treasure. pulsating for me. my manhood. ready for you. heartbeat. rapid. breathing. heavy. penetration. deep. moaning. loud. my name. repeated over and over. curse words about how good I am. i smile. your secret treasure. dripping wet. music to my ears. i listen. orgasms. legs trembling. my name. screamed out remixed with the moans. orgasms. multiples. my name. mentioned with God. penetration. amazing rhythm. tongue. licking. orgasms. give me more. my name. you're the best. i smile. new position. you're amazed. nipples. purple kisses all over them. moaning. uncontrollably. orgasms. nonstop. me. you. chemistry.

Maserati GranTurismo aka You Don't Have 1....

This is a mean look. Maserati has dropped a coupe for the masses. Step out of that 645 and hop into 1 of these. Don't get it messed up, this wheel will break 100 stacks, so if you have one of these or want one, make sure you have a nice ass house to park it at. Don't be a clown and drive a car worth more than your rent payments, or the little bit you chip in at ya momma's house.


18 June 2008

Nasir vs Famous Firm: Championship Edition

The Celtics have won the 2008 NBA Championship.
In Famous Firm land, all Blackberry's are on silent. Nasir Aleem gets NO post-game conference call, which blatantly disregards Geneva Code 124-A.

BREAKING NEWS: This is an email I just received

To: author.nasir.aleem@gmail.com
From: Phella@thefamousfirm.com
Cc: Sickamore@thefamousfirm.com

Subject: Firm Defects to Sri Lanka

You've won the battle. After endless banter, mental gymnastics, and all out intellectual warfare, you have reigned victorious. I want to apologize for photoshopping you, laughing at the Spurs, and wearing too much Polo. Sickamore and I have decided to leave America and go to Sri Lanka, where we will start representing the locals in their quest to become famous. You told us that Kobe wouldn't win the championship, but we didn't believe you, I tried to get Anthony from Brooklyn to photoshop you in El Paso, but you raged war against me and anyone who doubted you. Nasir, you are a true champion. Sickamore has traded in all of his cars for a mule and we are out of here. Don't worry, all of the members of the Firm who you didn't slay will still be doing your MP as planned. We wish things would have turned out different, but you beat us.
Phella and Sickamore

Why did I try Nasir Aleem?


Why the hell did I listen to Phella and live blog Lakers games?


Here is our new flag


Our bus broke down, so the natives looked out for us because we mentioned Nasir's name at the border. Didn't know he was known worldwide.


This is our 1st client for Famous Firm Sri Lanka


Nasir, please let us come back home....

17 June 2008

Eye Candy: Dollicia Bryant

Shout outs to the fellas!!! Just for you...


Onyx Cell Phone

It's based on the concept to run multiple applications like Phone, GPS, music, teleconferencing and calendar events.

It features a touchscreen ( Synaptics ClearPad Technology ) and the ability to take all the applications and create activity based experiences for the user.




16 June 2008

Blackface & Bamboozled: In '08 are We???


I came across this picture and I decided to post it. Seeing this poster incited alot of feelings in me and none of them were actually good. I felt embarassed, angry, disrespected, and some other things I won't list. I began to think back to a movie that I saw some time ago by Spike Lee:


For those who have never seen this flick, Spike Lee did a satire on the entertainment industry, highlighting how people will sell out for a buck and abandon their entire true self to fit into what society deems successful or what symbolizes that you've "made it".

I actually had to get my mental back in order because I've been finding myself caught up from time to time and there isn't a justification for it, with the exception of letting people know that I have nice things and that I can spend the money on them.

Sadly, people who look like me can't feed their families, don't have adequate health coverage or a decent doctor to visit, and I'm chasing Gucci sneaks and Louis Vuitton luggage. That ish doesn't make any sense.[SIDEBAR] I find myself thinking that when I see a homeless person or a vagrant that me buying them some food and/or drink is enough, but I know it isn't. There is so much that I can do to really make a change. I was furious, because the night Bamboozled came out, I was the only face in there that wasn't of caucasian decent. That bothered me deeply, listening to the conversations that were going on during the movie. "You see, that's just what they do, get a little money and buy cars, clothes, and jewelry." I shook my head, because the night when Belly, Menace 2 Society, and any other movie that glorifies violence, drugs, sex, and all of the other ills that have plagued US for ages came out, the movie theatre was packed to capacity? Don't get it confused, I saw all of those movies also, but I have a balance. I know when I can be "hood" and when I need to get my intellectual/corporate America/do what you need to do to be a success on. Too many people don't. I'm sure I will get some negative feedback from this blog, but the great thing is that its mine, so I can post whatever I want. Hate it or love it, you gotta respect it!!!!



Dior Homme Lumiere du Nord Collection of accessories for fall/winter 2008 and 2009 brings one of the best patent leather looks of the season. Lumiere du Nord consists of 2 patent leather black shoes - one boot and sneaker - as well as four modern mens bags - a messenger, shopper, backpack, and weekender. All products in the Lumiere du Nord collection also featuring black strappings and silver finishes. Via Selectism.

14 June 2008





This is the first Alfa to cross the Atlantic in a decade, and the first with rear-wheel drive since 1992. Created by Wolfgang Egger (who is now the head of design for Audi), the car’s shapely body is handcrafted from carbon fiber and fitted to a highly rigid, Maserati-derived steel chassis with aluminum double-wishbones at all four corners. A 4.7-liter V-8 with Ferrari provenance delivers 444 hp and 354 ft lbs of torque. The cockpit is a medley of matte black carbon fiber, Italian hide, and brushed-aluminum pieces machined from solid billet, thoroughly befitting the 8C’s $265,000 price tag.

13 June 2008

WHAT THE ^%&^%$#^%$@^& IS THIS?!?!?!?!?!?!

This is OUTRAGEOUS!!!! She is 3 years old and adults are actually condoning the madness she is doing. To add insult to injury, they made it rain for her. I'm still shaking my head on this one.


Will, this is a timeless classic, but I heard you rapping over the "A Milli" beat. You were wrong for that. Summertime is a classic and you had a ton of bangers that I played over and over growing up, but now we need to draw the line.

Introducing: Fresh from The Gift: Rise, Fall, & Rebirth of a Legend


“Damn it! What do we have to do to get this bastard?” Detective Stankowitz was having a conniption fit, ranting and raving about the fact that none of her informants had anything on Dante Franklin, a.k.a. Fresh. Coincidentally, Trooper Dick was going on and on about some colored he pulled over yesterday in a fancy car with a bunch of high-powered attorneys on call. “Yeah, that’s him!” she said, feeling like her skin was on fire. Ever since Fresh worked the system to get probation on a case that should have resulted in jail time, Stankowitz made it her personal business to jam Fresh up; disregarding all points of the law she took a vow to uphold. After hearing the veterans run Fresh’s name through the ground, Stevens, a new trooper asked, “What has this guy done and why are so many charges being filed against him?” Troop 2 fell silent, until a sergeant cut in, saying, “That’s how we get convictions. We stack tons of charges on these morons, making sure that they have to take a plea bargain. Most of them don’t have lawyer money so they have to use a public defender, which is really our best friend. To top it off, once we get ‘em in jail, they are so stupid, instead of using the law library, they would rather play chess, cards, rap, or anything except getting their mind right. That’s why so many come back.” Stevens was learning a valuable lesson, but he felt as an officer of the law, you were supposed to do the right thing, not jam people up purposely and he voiced his opinion, saying, “But Sarge, I thought we charge the perp for what they did and nothing else.” The veterans laughed hysterically at the rookie, who was red in the face from embarrassment. “Son, you better learn quickly, we make millions off the department of corrections. Without this, you won’t have a job.” Stevens walked out of Troop 2 feeling ashamed of being an officer of the law.

12 June 2008

Louis Vuitton Excess; I LOVE IT!!!!


Louis Vuitton has done it again. Not only can you spend $500 on a sneaker, now you can accesorize and wear a headband, wristband, and have a Louie towel also. Just ridiculous, but if you got it, you can play....

09 June 2008

Introducing: Amina from The Gift: Rise, Fall, and Rebirth of a Legend


“Oh sh*t, is it like that?!?” Fresh was shocked to feel Amina’s hand unzipping his pants on I-95 South. Their sex life was live, but tonight he was in for a special ride home. Amina gave Fresh a moving strip tease, followed by kissing his enlarged organ, while he maneuvered the exotic wheel down the highway, moaning and loving every minute of her oral tricks. Fresh’s eyes rolled in his head, while Amina asked him if he was enjoying her. Words stuttered out of his mouth, but she understood and continued pleasing him at a feverish pace, handling him and fingering herself at the same time. Amina’s moans were taking Fresh to a place of satisfaction, not to mention he was ready to explode, so he grabbed her, leaned his seat all the way back, and she mounted his hardness, all while driving down the highway. This was an episode never to forget. “Till the Cops Come Knockin” came on and Fresh was all in, cupping Amina’s rear with one hand and driving with the other. Even driving, Fresh had a stroke game out of this world and she was loving it, biting his neck, kissing him, and riding him like a rodeo star. Her movements became faster and Fresh knew she was at the point of no return, so he began meeting her stroke for stroke, sending her to euphoria and the land of orgasms. “OOOOOHHHHHHHH FREEEEEESSSSSSSHHHHHH!!! I’MMMM CUMMMMMINNNNN!!!!” Fresh spanked her roundness a few times, now driving with his knees, while she trembled her way through a roaring climax. After several curse words, calls to her higher power, and nails in his back, Fresh knew the job was done.

Nasir vs Famous Firm - Nasir: 2 / Famous Firm: 0 - Who is LEON POWE???

Once again, the Firm and the Lakers have lost. Please listen to this song as you read this blog.2nd Round Knockout (LL Cool J diss) - Canibus
The Celtics have gone up 2 games to ZERO on the LA Fakers, oops, I mean Lakers and it's getting critical. Lakers stock will fall a million points on the Dow by 9 a.m., Kobe's wife will probably come to my crib to cry on my shoulder, and Phella of the Firm may just check into a mental rehabilitation facility to figure out how in the hell I'm still winning this battle.
Just to put everyone on the same page, he has recruited a ringer who shall remain nameless to photoshop me in awkward situations, in a feeble attempt to win our friendly beef over the playoffs. I love it though.
Phella, in an emotional post-game conference call, blamed the refs for some poor calls, never acknowledging the fact that Kobe "I Love those Christina Aguileras" Bryant missed a ton of shots, the Fakers had a rack of turnovers, and they let LEON POWE have a career game against them. Between sniffles and suicide threats, he clearly said, "Nasir, I'm an emotional wreck right now and I really want a truce, but my pride is getting in the way. How much can I pay you to silently walk away from the war?" I shook my head, realizing the same guy who was found to be the MORON of the year in my last post wanted out. Once I politely declined his offer, he broke down in tears, offering me his collection of vintage South Pole t-shirts and knockoff Polo button-ups. This guy is desperate and I don't know what I can do to help him. I honestly feel bad for him, but all is fair in war. He disregarded the truce, so this is what happens. I called his number back and it was disconnected. His people said this is what he has been reduced to.
Sadly, Phella aged quickly from stress, lost it all and is re-enacting scenes in local parks as Bruce Leroy, while his sidekick plays the blues for spare change.

08 June 2008

Nas: Black president

Black President (prod. by DJ Green Lantern) - Nas

Nasir vs Famous Firm: Balog Obama vs Osama Blog Laden--Phella's Shot at me. Had to give credit where it's due.


I'm all for peace and harmony and all that. But when one man decides to threaten the sanctity and serenity of the whole internet by bashing myself and those I work with, it becomes war time. We've sat down like man and tried to have peace talks but it's just not going to work. One of us must go. The Rules Of War established through The Geneva Convention vividly state NO FAMILY, NO CO WORKERS, NO CITIES AND STATES. Everything else is FAIR GAME. Even his lovely, peaceful wife (viewed in the picture below) tried to step in and talk us out of this, but sometmes boys gotta be boys.

So earlier I called on my myspace bredren (via bulletin) to help me fight this internet tyrant. The first brave soldier was my homie Sakwe. He offered to bring me the blog version of an F15 fighter jet aka Adobe Photoshop.

I didn't want poor Sakwe to be held liable so I told him to chill, Anthony (who will forever be a friend of The Firms) had my back. He had apparently fought in many wars before and was a master with the F15 Fighter Jet aka photoshop. At that point Nasir was already on the attack...he was telling the world that he "caught Phella on Canal Street, buying all of the knockoff Polo outfits, while I was on a quest for a decent mixtape" and that "Tonight, I will partying at an undisclosed location and if you add myspace. com/dafirmsphella you will receive 1 complimentary table dance from Osakwe and a autographed Famous Firm/ FUBU tank top".

Very low blow right????? Not A Problem. We googled Nasir, spurs, and this is what we found.

After viewing these pics and you stop laughing, please visit Nasir's Blog or Nasir's Myspace and leave lol's all over his page. I heard the person who laughs the most will get an autographed canoe paddle from Tim Duncan and Nasir. They will also catch the fish of your choice and grill it right there on sight...in El Paso.

Peace And Firm


*Nasir Aleem is actually a great writer/business man/person. He just doesn't know two things...sports and when to call it quits. He didnt label me "the hungriest talent rep in America". Part of that hunger is my ability to give people what they need. All the public wants is PEACE on our blogs again.

07 June 2008

Nasir vs Famous Firm: Blatant Disrespect Edition

This beef is getting out of control. Phella of the Famous firm posted a blog blatantly coming at my neck. This from the man who singlehandedly cost Polo a million plus from his avid knockoff buying and shoplifting. As we prepare for Game 2, the gloves are off. We agreed to a truce, but I don't think Phella is going to abide by the rules. P, don't do it to yourself. Sickamore and Sakwe already took a few shots for getting involved, let's stop the bloodshed before it goes worldwide, meaning the West Coast and the UK. Phella accused me of having poor sports knowledge and proceeded to say "It was all good just a week ago," including a picture of us in BMore. That was a nice ploy, but I know that was for show.

As a precaution, I decided to look into Phella a little more and I dug this up:

Create Fake Magazine Covers with your own picture at MagMyPic.com

Obviously, Phella has been indulging in these types of wars for so long, that he was crowned Moron of the year for 2007-08. Hopefully, this man will stop the insane thoughts of the Lakers winning the Finals, believing that any store that sells 4 Polo button-ups for $30 is selling authenics, abandons the idea that British Knights with Sonic the Hedgehog on the tongue are classified as vintage kicks, and that he can actually win this battle we are in. Phella: Save yourself and bow out gracefully.

Disclaimer: This is for fun, trash talking rights, and free promotion for the Firm and Nasir Aleem. No Famous Firm employees were physically harmed or threatened. This isn't a real beef, with guns, mace, brass knuckles, or weapons, just trash talking at its finest, from mental gladiators.

Greedy Genius & Barneys Collabo!!!!

Here we go again... I've been doing so well, then these come into my life.


Someone help me in my addiction.

Turn off the Music Videos & Read a BOOK!!!

Just one of my random posts, this time about what I'm currently reading. People, it's alright to indulge in a good book, not only will it possibly enlighten you, but books can take you to places in your mental that you've never been. For me, they open my mind to so many other things.

The Holy Qur'an is the MOST IMPORTANT book that I read. I strive to read a portion on a daily basis and I always find relevance inside the pages of it.


The Secret: I'm very late on this book, but I'm reading about the laws of attraction and focusing on what you want, versus what you don't want.


Dan Poynter's Self Publishing Manual. As a self-publishing author, I need to master my craft, so I continue to read this book in preparation for my entry into the book game.


Excuse the little ass picture of the last

06 June 2008

Nasir vs Famous Firm: Nasir 1 --- Firm 0

Famous Firm and Kobe fans and recent bandwagon jumpers: You have a problem. Last night, the Celtics took game 1 of this year's finals and amazingly I was supposed to have a conference call with Sickamore and Phella of the Famous Firm AS SOON AS THE GAME ENDED. I was in a state of shock though when I didn't receive a call and no Firm representative would field my phone calls. I said to myself, "Self, what's going on?" Then the ugly truth dawned on me. The Firm is avoiding Nasir Aleem, the Lakers arch nemesis. *Insert dastardly laugh* In a shocking revelation brought on by truth serum via text message and threats of exposing Phella's obsession with tube socks, I found out the Firm demised a game plan to avoid me the instant the INJURED Paul Pierce made 2 critical 3 pointers. *Insert another dastardly laugh followed by cliche i told you so comment*
Here is another problem for the fakers, I mean Lakers. KG has been in the league too damn long to not have a ring. This year he isn't having it. With the squad that is around him, the ring isn't possible, it's damn near guaranteed, unless Kobe morphs back into Mr. I can't Miss a shot and destroys the Celtics. Firm boys: Houston, we have a problem. Don't worry, upon the Celtics winning the championship, I will support you guys in hiding overseas in one of those third world countries, ashamed of your savior and his cast of players. Sick: Don't worry, I will still lead the Firm to marketing and advertising success. Phella: I think they have a Polo Ralph Lauren store somewhere next to a bunker, hut, or any mud/clay made building, so you can continue on your quest to have the most Polo shirts in the history of the label. Also, don't start copping pleas and calling in ringers, because I'm a one man army and will end your career like LL did Canibus.

04 June 2008

David Choong Lee Art

Check out www.davidchoonglee.com for more of this talented artists work.

Jetsetter. I defy Time Zones.