26 June 2008

Obama on Rolling Stones.....Yes!!


I am excited about the possibility of Barack Obama becoming the next President of the US. While many people are stuck in the realm of being overly concerned with his race and the "first" Black president conversations, I will challenge people to do some RESEARCH, there was a Black president in the US. On the other level, remember we are kings and queens in our native land, the one we were stolen from. Barack's vision is amazing and I am hoping he is going to stick to what has earned him success thusfar. I pray Congress and the powers that be don't turn him into a yes man for destruction. Sadly, he has a ton of nonsense to clean up, courtesy of the American Gangster George Bush, but I believe in his philosophy and dedication to change. Enough of my political rant, for the moment, I'm happy to see him on the cover of Rolling Stones.

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