27 June 2008

The Gift: Rise, Fall, & Rebirth of a Legend: Amina

Amina was dragging from a long day. Aside from the nonsense with her supervisor, her ex called again, cursing her out over the voicemail for being in love with another man. Her plans were only to come home and curl up in Fresh’s arms, the only place she felt secure at. Amina walked in her home full of emotional baggage, but the soft sounds of Kindred, mixed with vanilla scented candles quickly swept her away to a place only lovers go. What is he up to? Amina was clueless to what her man was up to, but when she saw Fresh in an apron holding a single rose, she knew romance was in the air. “Sit down, my Amina,” he ordered, taking her jacket and seating his princess. “Let me guess, you made chickens on the George Foreman grill.” Fresh laughed at her small joke and dazzled her, putting a plate of seafood pasta before her eyes. Amina smiled as if she won the lottery, while Fresh spoiled his lady with dinner and dessert.

After dinner, Fresh blindfolded Amina, walking her into the bedroom. “Baby, what are you doing?” she asked, curious to what was up his sleeve. Without responding, he peeled her work clothes off, making sure to finger her soft skin, as she smiled and let out soft moans. Once ready, Fresh took of the blindfold and Amina gasped, seeing the bathroom illuminated by white and pink candles. “Oh baby! This is so nice!” she exclaimed, taking in the ambiance and enjoying the time with her man. Climbing into the tub, Amina smiled again, seeing the rose petals inside of the huge sitting tub. “All of this for me?” Fresh just sponged down his lady’s shoulders, happy she was having a nice evening. After cleaning up, Amina hopped out, retrieving her last surprise of the evening, while Fresh cleaned up the tub. Looking over her gifts, Amina grinned, thinking of how special her man was. A devious smile crossed her face when she saw the tie-up panties and she made her move, yelling out for Fresh, as if something was wrong. Before he could say a word, Fresh was stopped in his tracks by the sight of Amina in her new panties and a matching pair of stilettos. “You like?” she asked, noticing the lump in Fresh’s boxers. Without a word, he swept Amina in his arms, putting the finishing touches on a wonderful night.

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