18 June 2008

Nasir vs Famous Firm: Championship Edition

The Celtics have won the 2008 NBA Championship.
In Famous Firm land, all Blackberry's are on silent. Nasir Aleem gets NO post-game conference call, which blatantly disregards Geneva Code 124-A.

BREAKING NEWS: This is an email I just received

To: author.nasir.aleem@gmail.com
From: Phella@thefamousfirm.com
Cc: Sickamore@thefamousfirm.com

Subject: Firm Defects to Sri Lanka

You've won the battle. After endless banter, mental gymnastics, and all out intellectual warfare, you have reigned victorious. I want to apologize for photoshopping you, laughing at the Spurs, and wearing too much Polo. Sickamore and I have decided to leave America and go to Sri Lanka, where we will start representing the locals in their quest to become famous. You told us that Kobe wouldn't win the championship, but we didn't believe you, I tried to get Anthony from Brooklyn to photoshop you in El Paso, but you raged war against me and anyone who doubted you. Nasir, you are a true champion. Sickamore has traded in all of his cars for a mule and we are out of here. Don't worry, all of the members of the Firm who you didn't slay will still be doing your MP as planned. We wish things would have turned out different, but you beat us.
Phella and Sickamore

Why did I try Nasir Aleem?


Why the hell did I listen to Phella and live blog Lakers games?


Here is our new flag


Our bus broke down, so the natives looked out for us because we mentioned Nasir's name at the border. Didn't know he was known worldwide.


This is our 1st client for Famous Firm Sri Lanka


Nasir, please let us come back home....

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Bleue said...

lol Funny email.

Jetsetter. I defy Time Zones.