16 June 2008

Blackface & Bamboozled: In '08 are We???


I came across this picture and I decided to post it. Seeing this poster incited alot of feelings in me and none of them were actually good. I felt embarassed, angry, disrespected, and some other things I won't list. I began to think back to a movie that I saw some time ago by Spike Lee:


For those who have never seen this flick, Spike Lee did a satire on the entertainment industry, highlighting how people will sell out for a buck and abandon their entire true self to fit into what society deems successful or what symbolizes that you've "made it".

I actually had to get my mental back in order because I've been finding myself caught up from time to time and there isn't a justification for it, with the exception of letting people know that I have nice things and that I can spend the money on them.

Sadly, people who look like me can't feed their families, don't have adequate health coverage or a decent doctor to visit, and I'm chasing Gucci sneaks and Louis Vuitton luggage. That ish doesn't make any sense.[SIDEBAR] I find myself thinking that when I see a homeless person or a vagrant that me buying them some food and/or drink is enough, but I know it isn't. There is so much that I can do to really make a change. I was furious, because the night Bamboozled came out, I was the only face in there that wasn't of caucasian decent. That bothered me deeply, listening to the conversations that were going on during the movie. "You see, that's just what they do, get a little money and buy cars, clothes, and jewelry." I shook my head, because the night when Belly, Menace 2 Society, and any other movie that glorifies violence, drugs, sex, and all of the other ills that have plagued US for ages came out, the movie theatre was packed to capacity? Don't get it confused, I saw all of those movies also, but I have a balance. I know when I can be "hood" and when I need to get my intellectual/corporate America/do what you need to do to be a success on. Too many people don't. I'm sure I will get some negative feedback from this blog, but the great thing is that its mine, so I can post whatever I want. Hate it or love it, you gotta respect it!!!!

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Rard The Don said...

This is very respectable and unpleasanly true. People fear what they dont understand. You spoke the truth, I once was blinded by what society has created for me. I was blinded by the lavish luxuries of life,and did not know what to spend my hard earned money on myself. I only knew of what i seen in movies,and rap music. The decision is made upon "US" to teach one another the truth behind the spendage of our money. Instead of buying those "Gucci" sneakers,buy Stock in the "Gucci" company. Its way more less,and has more longevity then the material you choose to possese.

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