31 July 2008

Rell: Real Love feat Kanye West & Consequence

Where is Rell at? I loved this song....

Real Love - Rell, Kanye West, Consequence

Obama & Luda

Make a educated decision on this one, don't go off the media and brainwashed opinions. Hearing about this on the news, I laughed, knowing that the overused freedom of speech defense wasn't going to apply, since it was a minority and a rapper. Did people have a complaint when Bush sent the troops overseas to get massacred on a daily basis? HELL NO. Did people have a complaint when the government assisted in the drug trade by allowing drugs into minority areas? HELL NO. Interesting enough, the same people who take the TEL-LIE-VISION for religious scripture are blogging their hearts out, upset at Luda for relaying his thoughts in a verse over a damn good beat... I see what he was trying to do and I think Obama is bumping that in his iPod on the low....LOL.

Read the official statement distancing Obama from Luda.

As Barack Obama has said many, many times in the past, rap lyrics today too often perpetuate misogyny, materialism, and degrading images that he doesn’t want his daughters or any children exposed to,” said spokesman Bill Burton. “This song is not only outrageously offensive to Senator Clinton, Reverend Jackson, Senator McCain, and President Bush, it is offensive to all of us who are trying to raise our children with the values we hold dear. While Ludacris is a talented individual he should be ashamed of these lyrics."

Alan Jaras Light Photography


30 July 2008

How to Pronounce Designer Names so YOU Don't Embarass your DAMN self

I had to post this, because I am beyond tired of hearing fellas and ladies pronouncing designer labels incorrectly. Just embarassing. Read on...


Furniture by Versace




Pharrell: Frontin feat Jay Z

Living Room Thoughts.....

Own a house before you own a luxury car. Have your name on a deed, instead of a bunch of credit cards you are charging through the roof to finance a lifestyle you really can't afford. Quick fact: Houses APPRECIATE in value, meaning their worth goes up. That Range Rover with the rims, tv, crocodile seats, and candy paint DOESN'T. For my younger readers and senseless people who believe everything the TEL- LIE-VISION spoons feeds them, know this. Your life will be much easier if you take the time to build a realistic foundation for success, versus keeping up withthe Jones and buying designer clothes you can't pronounce. People, we need to use our heads. Keep your credit in tact, because it means everything. Money isn't everything, but it damn sure makes life alot easier. Just keep these basic jewels in your frontal lobe and remember; "Money talks loud and is seen, but wealth whispers."



And I love it...


29 July 2008

Chess: My Favorite Hobby...


$500,000 Gold Plated Chopper


Chemistry: Welcome to the Mile High Club


"Excuse me sir, but the lady in the back sent you a drink," the flight attendant said, handing me a overly decorated fruit punch. I smile, nodding my head at the gorgeous woman staring me down on my flight to London and she winks at me, giving me another glare. One that is speaking to my lower regions. She wants me. Sliding back to the restroom, I know that its going down. After a few uneasy moments, she slips into the bathroom, quickly grabbing me and planting kisses all over my lips, causing my nature to rise. Knowing the time is short, I spin her around, lifting her skirt and pulling her panties to the side. Entering her treasure is like opening Pandora's Box to the world of euphoria and I love it, dipping in and out of her wetness with the rhythm of an African dancer, all while keeping our episode a secret. Her moans are muffled and my groans are low, but we are in a world of our own, sexing in the airplane bathroom without exchanging names. I know where she is on her way to, feeling her legs trembling and the hot juices dripping on my legs from her, so I go deeper, plunging my manhood into her, powerstroking her from behind, while she grips the sink for dear life, bouncing on my erection like a woman possessed. "Oh sh*t I'm cumming!!!" she blurts out, ignoring the rules of the game. We meet each other in the land of orgasms and stand frozen in pleasure and lust, smiling at what we just did. Hearing the pilot's announcement about our flight preparing to land shakes us out of our episode and we part ways, pleased and happy to be members of the exclusive Mile High Club.

26 July 2008

Hero Edition: Tommie Smith and John Carlos


Louis Vuitton Damier Keepall 55



Cabane de Zucca


Mr. T is the new face of Snickers.... I'm still shaking my HEAD at this NONSENSE.... Where's the A Team Now?


Rick Ross: C/O Edition of Boss featuring him at 19....LOL

I mean, at the end of the day, who cares that you were a C/O? I don't. I'm playing "Hustlin" right now, sending this blog to the world, so don't worry about it. Damn shame people went to those lengths to expose you though, but on the other side, people need not lie on their life, because the instant a person gets a drop of shine, someone always has something negative to say. Ross, you just caught a bad break. Gotta admit, it's funny as hell though.


21 July 2008

Young Jeezy feat. Kanye West: I Put On

Bentley Laptop

For 20 thousand, you can have this laptop. Hope you have the car to match....


The Wave Bookcase: Urbinati

The Wave is a new bookcase from Italian furniture manufacturer Urbinati, it was designed by Leonardo Emiliozzi. The cabinet is made in crystal with aluminium feet, it’s available in two heights and widths. The shelves can be positioned to customer’s taste, and are available in crystal, and straight or curved plywood.



Just a trip down memory lane....


20 July 2008

Skillz: Rap City Freestyle

Alert: Rapper with ACTUAL talent. Studio "Ballers", "drug kingpins", "gangstas", and playtime rappers, please listen and learn.

17 July 2008

Dope Artist: Daid of www.dreamask.com

Be on the lookout for a collabo between the King of Blazers and Daid....



These are the Blue Magic of Reebok Pumps.....I Stand by Them!!! LOL

Limited Editions; released in sets of 12 at certain dealers. If you want in, up your juice card, as well as your finances. These are Chinese New Year colorway, set to be released in 2009.


16 July 2008

Chemistry: The Alarm Clock Edition

6:21 AM. Alarm clock. DAMN!!!! Perfect nakedness besides me. I want it. Now. Fingers on still asleep skin. Light moans. I smile. She stirs. 6:23 AM. Morning erection. She smiles. Penetration. My name, oohs, and baby all together. I stroke. She moans. I stroke. She curses from pleasure. I smile. Nails digging in my back. I stroke. She arches her back. Penetration. Harder. Deeper. Faster. Legs trembling. 6:27 AM. Orgasms all over, morning breath included. Chemistry.

15 July 2008

Brain Food: Secret Ties between CIA and Drug Trade Exposed

By Rosalind Muhammad West Coast Bureau Chief

LOS ANGELES--New evidence has surfaced linking the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency to the introduction of crack cocaine into Black neighborhoods with drug profits used to fund the CIA-backed Nicaraguan Contra army in the early 1980s.

This evidence has given credence to long-held suspicions of the U.S. government's role in undermining Black communities.

According to a series of groundbreaking reports by the San Jose Mercury News, for the better part of a decade, a San Francisco Bay Area drug ring, comprised of CIA and U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency agents and informants, sold tons of cocaine to the Crips and Bloods street gangs of Los Angeles.

Millions of dollars in drug profits were then funneled to the Fuerza Democratica Nicaraguense (Nicaraguan Democratic Force), the largest of several anti-Communists commonly called the Contras. The 5,000-man FDN was created in mid-1981 and run by both American and Nicaraguan CIA agents in its losing war against Nicaragua's Sandinista government, the Cuban-supported socialists who had overthrown U.S.-backed dictator Anastasio Somoza in 1979.

This CIA-backed drug network opened the first pipeline between Columbia's cocaine cartels and the Black neighborhoods of Compton and Los Angeles, according to the Mercury News.

In time, the cocaine that flooded Los Angeles helped spark a "crack explosion" in urban America and provided the cash and connections needed for Los Angeles's gangs to buy Uzi sub-machine guns, AK-47 rifles, and other assault weapons that would fuel deadly gang turf wars, drive-by shootings, murders and robberies -- courtesy of the U.S. government, according to the article.
"While the FDN's war is barely a memory today, Black America is still dealing with its poisonous side effects. Urban neighborhoods are grappling with legions of homeless crack addicts.

Thousands of young Black men are serving long prison sentences for selling cocaine -- a drug that was virtually unobtainable in Black neighborhoods before members of the CIA's army started bring it into South Central in the 1980s at bargain basement prices," wrote Mercury News reporter Gary Webb, in the first installment of the shocking series of reports.

Although the Mercury News details the activities of numerous Nicaraguan and American informants and ties involved in the drug-gun trade, three men are cited as key players: Norwin Meneses, a Nicaraguan smuggler and FDN boss; Danilo Blandon, a cocaine supplier, top FDN civilian leader in California, and DEA informant; and Ricky Donnell Ross, a South Central Los Angeles high school dropout and drug trafficker of mythic proportions, who was Mr. Blandon's biggest customer.

According to the Mercury News article, for the better part of a decade, "Freeway Rick," as he was nicknamed, was unaware of his supplier's military and political connections.
But together, the trio was directly and indirectly responsible for introducing and selling crack cocaine as far away as Cleveland, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Dayton and St. Louis.

Ricky Ross' street connections, ability to obtain cocaine at low prices and deals that allowed him to receive drugs from Contra-CIA operatives with no money upfront helped him to undercut other dealers and quickly spread crack. He also sold crack wholesale to gangs across the country, said the Mercury News report.

Most of the information surrounding the CIA's involvement in the crack trade came from testimony in the March drug trafficking trial of Mr. Ross, 36, who, along with two other men were convicted of cocaine conspiracy charges in San Diego.

A federal judge indefinitely postponed Mr. Ross's Aug. 23 sentencing to grant his lawyer time to try to show that federal authorities misused DEA agent Mr. Blandon to entrap Mr. Ross in a "reverse" sting last year. Mr. Ross could receive life in prison without the possibility of parole.
Records show that Mr. Ross was still behind bars in Cincinnati in 1994, awaiting parole, when San Diego DEA agents targeted him for the reverse sting-- one in which government agents provide the drugs and the target provides the cash.

Though Mr. Blandon has admitted to crimes that have sent others away for life, the U.S. Justice Department turned him loose on unsupervised probation in 1994 after only 28 months behind bars and has paid him more than $166,000 since, court records show.

Mr. Blandon's boss in the FDN's cocaine operation, Norwin Meneses, has never spent a day in a U.S. prison, even though the federal government has been aware of his cocaine dealings since at least 1974, according to the Mercury News article.

For years, writers, authors, activists, gang members and others have implicated the U.S. government in the deadly crack cocaine-gun trade.

Many have charged the U.S. government with supplying gang members with these tools in an effort to undermine and eradicate the Black community through wanton murder, drug addiction and crime.

Some believe crack did not become an "American problem" until the drug began hitting white neighborhoods and affecting white children.

On Aug. 23, the Los Angeles City Council, responding to pressure by the Los Angeles Chapter of the Black American Political Association of California (BAPAC), asked U.S. Atty. Janet Reno to investigate the government's involvement in the alleged sale of illegal street drugs in Los Angeles' Black community to support the CIA-backed Contras.

BAPAC vice chairman Glen Brown told The Final Call that a federal agency monitored by a civilian advisory board is one way the government could investigate the matter because "we can't have people who are responsible for this investigate themselves."

BAPAC, a statewide coalition of political activists, has also demanded that the U.S. government provide the necessary funding, materials and labor to rebuild urban areas destroyed by crack cocaine, as well as the necessary medical care, education, counseling, and vocational training to restore shattered lives.

Long-term Los Angeles activists Chilton Alphonse, founder of the Community Youth Sports & Arts Foundation, which aids former gang members, said he briefly assisted Ricky Ross when the drug dealer was paroled from prison inn October 1994, after serving about half of a 10-year prison sentence in Cincinnati in exchange for his testimony against corrupt Los Angeles police detectives.

"He came back to Los Angeles and tried to get his life together," Mr. Alphonse said. "Rick was a legend in the streets. But he flipped (testified against law enforcement officers). He said they used him to skim money from him."

Mr. Alphonse was referring to Mr. Ross's 1991 testimony against Los Angeles Police Department narcotics detectives who had been fired or indicted along with dozens of deputies from the Los Angeles County sheriff's elite narcotics squads for allegedly beating suspects, stealing drug money and planting evidence.

Mr. Alphonse, who now resides in Alabama, said he has warned for years that the flood of crack cocaine and assault weapons into the Black community was not the doing of the Bloods and Crips.
"Inner city youth don't have the resources to manufacture cocaine or ship in guns," Mr. Alphonse said.
Others agree.

In December 1989, while head of the NAACP Los Angeles Chapter, Anthony A. Samad (then Anthony Essex) announced his findings that some Bloods and Crips members had implicated the U.S. government in the ruthless crack and assault weapons trade among Los Angeles street gangs. Mr. Samad said that he learned this after extensive interviews with gang members housed in Los Angeles County Jail. But he was largely ignored by Black elected officials, he said who sided with law enforcement.

"Gang members charged then that gang rivalry and drug wars were being perpetuated by the police and the government," said Mr. Samad, who is now president of Samad & Associates, a consulting firm.

Henry Stuckey, of Stop the Violence/Increase the Peace, said that government involvement in community drug trafficking was common knowledge in some circles.

"Obviously African American males didn't have planes and boats to move the guns and narcotics into the Black community." Mr. Stuckey said.

Mr. Stuckey said that Black and Latino youths must be appraised of the government's involvement in order to understand that their communities will continue to be the dumping grounds for guns and drugs unless the youths "do for self."

"I do think that the blame that was laid on the gangs was wrong," Mr. Stuckey said. "But I can't say that it vindicates them for their actions because they had a choice in the matter. (Still) it's horrible that the government targeted our youth."

Roland Freeman, a spokesperson for the Los Angeles Chapter of the International Campaign to Free Geronimo Pratt, is a former member of the Black Panther Party. The BPP was targeted and ultimately nullified by FBI counterintelligence programs.

Mr. Freeman said he knows firsthand of the deceit of which the government is capable; a government, he said, that tries to "set itself up as if it's higher than God when really it's lower than the devil." "(They put) small pox in the Indian's blankets and gave them fire water," Mr. Freeman said. "They make drugs available to Blacks and other minorities. It only surprises me that (the CIA) got caught.

14 July 2008

New Yorker is on that BULLS#@!

Sickamore posted this on his site: www.thankgodimfamous.com and I had to grab it, because this is F_CKED UP!!!!

They claim this is supposed to be a parody, but anyone with a few drops of that thing called common sense know better. Now Barack Hussein Obama has to be portrayed in an image that petrifies the majority of the mental dead who have no understanding of Islam, with the exception of what the moron aka Bush lies about on the tel-LIE-vision, the distorted media spins about Muslims, and the EXTREMISTS who blatantly disrespect Islam and ALL of the principles with their absurd actions. Parody? I don't think so. I think this was a hidden shot to cause strife and plant a negative seed against Obama.


13 July 2008

Mercedes Benz: F 700 Concept or Coming Soon?

I'm not sure if this is coming out or not, but this is a major wheel. Mercedes is going above and beyond with this one. I will keep you guys updated once I find some more information.





Che Mack: Body Art Edition


12 July 2008

Gucci Spring 2009 Footwear

Gucci's Spring 2009 footwear has some Native American influences. Enjoy. Hopefully Jay-Z or some other popular rapper won't have to wear these for people to appreciate them. Just know I will have a few pairs in my arsenal, maybe before Spring of 09.


10 July 2008

Jesse Jackson: House Ni99a Moment & Mr. Escobar Season aka Nas' reaction

As I post this, I'm shaking my head, wondering when the crab in the barrel theory that Willie Lynch introuduced a million racist and ignorant light years ago will subside. Listen to Jesse "I got 99 Problems" Jackson had to say about Barack "The Next Movement" Obama. Sad.

Nasir Jones, conscious, but sometimes too damn commercial rapper has a reply to JJ's madness.

Swizz Beats: Where da Cash At

Kris Van Assche: 2009 Edition




09 July 2008

Shopping & F-CKING.....

"Baby, give me a minute, I'm going to try these dresses on, then we can go. I promise." I laugh, knowing damn well that we are going to be in Barney's for at least another hour and that time is only valid if Kayla doesn't see another must have outfit to add to the million that are in her closet already. While she's in the dressing room, my phone rings and I answer, taking a few minutes to talk to my cousin Fresh, who is rambling on about an investment property he found in Dubai. In the midst of his call, I hear Kayla calling for me and I cut our call short, going to tend to my wife.

Words have escaped my mouth as I stare at my wife in a form fitting dress, showcasing a frame better than the majority of video vixens and I love it, openly lusting after her in this bourgeois store. "So what do you think?" she asks, always needing the reassurance from her man. We lock eyes. I love her. We lock eyes. I want her. Now. I step in the dressing room. She knows what time it is.

Time seems to stop as out lips engage in a seductive game of hide and seek, finding each other's sensitive points and exploiting them. Her skin is on fire, as I kiss her exposed parts, rubbing my hands over erect nipples and all of her curves. "Damn baby," she purrs, sliding out of the overpriced dress I now love, ready for my entrance into her treasure. Dropping my pants to my ankles, I lift Kayla in the air, mounting her on my hardness in one stroke. Damn she is wet. I love it. Our tongues meet again in combat, each battling each other for supremacy, but my stroke renders her weak and she submits to me, moaning my name, curse words, and the words all men love to hear. "You're the best," she coos, bouncing up and down on my manhood in a animalistic rhythm. "F*ck me," she blurts out, no longer shy or concerned with the patrons walking around us. I oblige her, turning her around to enter from behind and she welcomes me, pushing her roundness into me, ready to take whatever I dish out. We were shopping. Now we're f*cking in the dressing room.....

06 July 2008

War on Drugs: Artist Eric Drooker

Artist Eric Drooker does a wonderful job exposing truths on the war on drugs....For those who don't know that has been going on for quite some time. Go figure.


Jetsetter. I defy Time Zones.