04 June 2008

Barack Obama: El Presidente

Barack is officially the candidate for the Democratic party. With his charisma and determination, I questioned the common sense of anyone who thought Hillary had a shot for victory. Leaving the race card out, Obama is going to be a great president, but he has alot of work to fix all of George "I'm the biggest Gangster around and you can't do anything about it" Bush's nonsense. Hopefully, he can end this foolish war, stop looking for weapons of mass destruction, end the war on drugs that is actually funded by the government, break into the poverty line, create more opportunities for ex-offenders, and lower these high ass gas prices. There are so many other atrocites that need to be rectified, but I don't have enough energy to list them all, so I put the main ones that popped up in my mind. Congrats to Obama!!

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