15 September 2008

random thoughts from the abnormal galaxy aka my brain

1. I'm addicted to sneakers.
2. Entourage is a great show and sometimes I wish I was Ari.
3. Hip hop isn't dead, it's oversaturated with studio gangstas and fakes who can be marketed to sell records.
4. Adrian Peterson is a great runningback. *insert shoutout to Minnesota Vikings*
5. Swagger Like Us is the new soundtrack to my life, even though the word swagger is now OVERused to the point of corniness.
6. I still love Apollonia, Vanity, and Pam Grier in her prime.
7. Blogging is great, what the hell took me so long to get on?
8. The pursuit of happiness isn't attached to money.
9. I'm going to be a best selling author and nobody can stop me.
10. Bonita Applebaum; you gotta put me on. Bonita, Bonita, Bonita.

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