26 September 2008

Ferrari Motorcycle

Vintage and modern Ferrari projects Influence my design…
it’s a mix of what I find to be the best Ferrari lines with the
latest technology I could think of in terms of engine, gear
and driving management,

Preserving Ferrari lines and history, to create a normal
dimensions bike and to use Ferrari existing technology,
to take the ease of serve as a factor while thinking about
low profile and CG. but in any case to produce a practical
machine and not in any way a "star wars" future ride


This is a V4 engine based on the Ferrari Enzo Block shape
the oil sump was moved forward as separated oil tank while
the engine lower case reshaped to a mono block gearbox
that support the swing arm radial movements, hydraulic
engine unit supply pressure for smart shock damping
system and clutch, the engine is both air - water cooled
the lower fins was taken from traditional Ferrari engines
and seamlessly blends with the bottom of fairing to form
a major heat exchange surface at the bottom of the bike



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