10 September 2008

Note to Women: Bring Something to the Table

Disclaimer: This post is NOT, I repeat NOT for the women who hold their own and don't look for handouts from a man. The lady who is willing to go to work for hers and not make a living on her back or on her knees. This post is for the following: Golddiggers, professional groupies, celebrity stalkers, chicks with no ambition of their own, and the ones who think what's between their legs is the key to success.

One of my fellow bloggers posted a great blog about men chasing women they can't afford. I don't believe in the theory and that is from personal experience. I consider myself to be a fashionable man, women tell me I'm attractive, and I have never had an issue meeting women, etc, etc, and I even have some of those great episodes in my resume. Needless to say, I wanted to address the flipside of the male/female situation.

Ladies, at times, seem to want a man who has the best credit, biggest house, and endless money, but I pose one question: What are you bringing to the table?

Is your credit in order, or is it maxed out on department store credit cards that you ran up to be in style?

Are you in a place of your own, or are you still at home with parents/friends/another man/too many roomates because you aren't responsible enough to be on your own?

How are your own finances? Do you have a bank account with more than a dream in it? Are you overdrawing the account every 3 days, robbing Peter to pay Paul and then robbing Peter the next day.

I ask these questions only because I get tired of the phenomenon of "A man better have this and that!!" What do you have?

True story: One night I was in my sportsbar in Northeast Philly and a group of females walked in. Each female was dressed to kill, Gucci this, Louie that and all of the guys were on their heels. *INSERT MEANINGLESS STUFF: bottle popping, dancing, people making it rain in the sportsbar, yadda yadda yadda, blah blah blah* At the end of the night, the same girls who were the Belles of the Ball were hopping into a taxi cab, arguing over who was going to pay the tab. And I quote: "Ya'll bitches make me sick! We ain't meet nobody who was gonna take us home tonight and I came out of the house with $5." Wait!! This is the same girl just in the sportsbar with Gucci from head to toe, talking only to the guys she assumed had money. More than likely, she has nothing to bring to the table. What's wrong with this picture? For some people nothing. For the people with a drop of logic, please continue reading.

My complaint is this: Stop wanting the world when you have nothing to offer.

It's not about chasing what you can't afford, women stop thinking the world should be handed over in a Marc Jacobs bag. If you bring nothing to the table, what makes you REALISTICALLY think that you deserve anything from it?

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