19 September 2008

Controversy or Truth? Diary of a Tired Black Man

This one is going to cause a TON of controversy, arguments, and a few brothas will be sleeping on the couch for commenting wrong on this topic, but I had to go into it. Questions: Is the black woman too demanding? Does she not bring enough to the table, but want the world? Is her baggage too damn much? Does the influence of her no-man having, horrible weaved homegirls cause drama in your house? Are you tired of her finger-snapping, neck rolling attitude? If so, there is a movie coming out for you.


Don't get the game messed up, I have 2 sides on this topic and I will go into both of them. First and foremost, I LOVE BLACK WOMEN. Everything about the intrigues me and attracts me at the same time. I feel that black women have been abused, disrespected, and objectified over the years, so sistas, I feel your pain. On the other hand, too many sistas blame good brothas for their PAST baggage. Too many times "Kisha" you know her, the homegirl you have that can never keep a man, but always has something negative to say about yours is corrupting your mind with all of her man bashing. Sistas, sometimes its you. It isn't always us. There are a TON of eligible, good brothas who are searching for their Bonita Applebaum. Give us a chance. Don't let "Jody's" messed up actions blow it for the next man, because sistas, you are missing out.

About the black man/white woman situation. I believe that as blacks, people of African descent, or whatever you want to be classified as, we should have a grasp on who we are before intermingling. Period.

Check out this clip of "Diary of a Tired Black Man." Check in on this and give your thoughts.

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