30 July 2008

Living Room Thoughts.....

Own a house before you own a luxury car. Have your name on a deed, instead of a bunch of credit cards you are charging through the roof to finance a lifestyle you really can't afford. Quick fact: Houses APPRECIATE in value, meaning their worth goes up. That Range Rover with the rims, tv, crocodile seats, and candy paint DOESN'T. For my younger readers and senseless people who believe everything the TEL- LIE-VISION spoons feeds them, know this. Your life will be much easier if you take the time to build a realistic foundation for success, versus keeping up withthe Jones and buying designer clothes you can't pronounce. People, we need to use our heads. Keep your credit in tact, because it means everything. Money isn't everything, but it damn sure makes life alot easier. Just keep these basic jewels in your frontal lobe and remember; "Money talks loud and is seen, but wealth whispers."


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