16 July 2008

Chemistry: The Alarm Clock Edition

6:21 AM. Alarm clock. DAMN!!!! Perfect nakedness besides me. I want it. Now. Fingers on still asleep skin. Light moans. I smile. She stirs. 6:23 AM. Morning erection. She smiles. Penetration. My name, oohs, and baby all together. I stroke. She moans. I stroke. She curses from pleasure. I smile. Nails digging in my back. I stroke. She arches her back. Penetration. Harder. Deeper. Faster. Legs trembling. 6:27 AM. Orgasms all over, morning breath included. Chemistry.


Amelian Kashiro said...

nice imagery! thx for the love on my blog, I dig yours as well! added u to the blog roll. =)

Na-Na said...

Chemistry, That morning chemistry is the Best. LOVE IT!!!

Jetsetter. I defy Time Zones.