29 July 2008

Chemistry: Welcome to the Mile High Club


"Excuse me sir, but the lady in the back sent you a drink," the flight attendant said, handing me a overly decorated fruit punch. I smile, nodding my head at the gorgeous woman staring me down on my flight to London and she winks at me, giving me another glare. One that is speaking to my lower regions. She wants me. Sliding back to the restroom, I know that its going down. After a few uneasy moments, she slips into the bathroom, quickly grabbing me and planting kisses all over my lips, causing my nature to rise. Knowing the time is short, I spin her around, lifting her skirt and pulling her panties to the side. Entering her treasure is like opening Pandora's Box to the world of euphoria and I love it, dipping in and out of her wetness with the rhythm of an African dancer, all while keeping our episode a secret. Her moans are muffled and my groans are low, but we are in a world of our own, sexing in the airplane bathroom without exchanging names. I know where she is on her way to, feeling her legs trembling and the hot juices dripping on my legs from her, so I go deeper, plunging my manhood into her, powerstroking her from behind, while she grips the sink for dear life, bouncing on my erection like a woman possessed. "Oh sh*t I'm cumming!!!" she blurts out, ignoring the rules of the game. We meet each other in the land of orgasms and stand frozen in pleasure and lust, smiling at what we just did. Hearing the pilot's announcement about our flight preparing to land shakes us out of our episode and we part ways, pleased and happy to be members of the exclusive Mile High Club.

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