05 July 2008

Condoleezza Rice: Words of Stupidity Edition


Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said she's ``proud'' of the U.S. decision to wage the Iraq war and insisted that the world is not more dangerous than it was when George W. Bush took office.

``We're now beginning to see that perhaps it's not so popular to be a suicide bomber. We're beginning to see that perhaps people are questioning whether Osama Bin Laden ought to really be the face of Islam,'' Rice, 53, said in an interview to be broadcast this weekend on Bloomberg Television's ``Conversations with Judy Woodruff.''

``And I am proud of the decision of this administration to overthrow Saddam Hussein,'' said Rice, who was Bush's national security adviser at the time of the March 2003 invasion. As of yesterday, 4,107 U.S. soldiers died in Iraq and more than 30,000 were wounded. She said the Iraq war has been ``tougher than any of us really dreamed.''

House ni99a PLEASE!!! You have to be the craziest of the crazy if you can actually form your lips to say that George "I STOLE MY WAY INTO THE PRESIDENCY AND I'M THE BIGGEST GANGSTER AMERICA HAS SEEN" Bush has done a thing to help this country, aside from causing endless casulties of war, without giving a justified reason. Weapons of Mass Destruction? Found NONE. Osama Bin Laden? Probably in a safehouse provided by this government. Condoleezza, you are a moron and to actually say that Bin Laden is the face of Islam, you haven't done your homework. Comments like that are what cause disparity between people of different backgrounds.

There isn't a passage in the QU'RAN that says to be a suicide bomber, Al-Qaida, a terrorist, or anything along those lines. Islam is a peaceful and humble lifestyle, not what the MEDIA portrays on tel-LIE-vision. Sadly, TOO many people just listen to whatever a newscaster says, versus doing some research and finding your own answers instead of having them dictated to you. Condoleezza, I hope at some point in your life, you realize that you are wrong for the people you are supporting.

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