17 August 2008

World Exclusive: Nasir Aleem Book Cover

After many months of deliberation, numerous graphic designers, and the tedious process of deciding on a cover, I have made a decision. This is the last piece in my puzzle to becoming a published author. I have secured my ISBN, my book is edited, and now my cover is complete. I am going to begin aggressively marketing my book and when I have my exact release date, I will let the world know. Thanks to everyone who has supported me in this process and to those who doubted me, thanks as well. I need the negative energy to remind me of what I never want to be.



Kirk said...

Looks like a interesting read. Make Marcus Garvey proud.

MirthNadir said...

Nice cover. Where can I find out what the book is about?

Jetsetter. I defy Time Zones.