30 August 2008

DiMora Natalia




Set to be the world's most expensive and technologically-advanced car, the DiMora Natalia will have wealthy petrol-heads throwing their cash and weight around to be first on the waiting-list. Founded by Aldred DiMora, known for his ability to create high-end vehicles such as the Clenet and Sceptre, DiMora Motorcars has been the marque on everybody's lips since it first announced its exciting project. So what will buyers get for such an enormous price? For a start, the DiMora Natalia will be loaded with more gadgets than James Bond's Q could ever dream up, including revolutionary colour-changing paint, headlights that double as video projectors, massage seats for rear passengers, four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering, night vision, external cameras, retractable TV screens, lighted Waterford crystal ashtrays, a self-corking wine bottle, wireless computer with WiFi Internet access and temperature-adjusting cup holders to keep your Starbucks warm in the winter and your Diet Coke ice-cold in the summer. Incredibly, the supercar will also be integrated with a biofeedback system to monitor the driver's vital signs and adjust the drive and internal environment according to his or her stress levels. Aside from having the kind of aesthetics that will have women padestrians practically ripping their blouses off and throwing themselves on the bonnet , the DiMora Natalia will be fitted with a V16 engine that is capable of displacing 14 litres and developing an outrageous 1,200 horsepower. Although a much-anticipated prototype has yet to be unveiled, if the specs are anything to go by then the tarmac has a new king of the road.

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dp said...

Hot concept and car, but all them colors on the front don't make it look as high class as it sounds.

Jetsetter. I defy Time Zones.