25 August 2008

Articulate & Phella: "Oh Really"

"These dudes you brought up here....they are like....Kick, Push." That was what 1 of the promoters told me about Articulate and Phella of the Famous Firm, regarding there performance. In a galaxy ruled by hip hop based on money, hoes, and clothes, these 2 emerged victorious in a market that isn't used to conscious rap outside the Legendary Roots crew out of Philadelphia. Insert "Oh Really".....OH NO RAP WITH COMMON SENSE!!!! What about the rap about rims, cars we don't have and can't afford, and a lifestyle that is exaggerated for ratings? Here is the answer:

"Nasir, do you have a copy of the guy Phella's cd, because my son has been singing this song all day."

"What song homie?"

"Something like, "It's Phella Day, imma Celebrate!"

The interesting thing is, my friends son is only 4."

Phella Day is at the 6:05 Mark.

Famous Firm, Articulate, and Custom Motorsports. All love.

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