21 August 2008

The Things I do to Get On....


After reading the Ibn Jasper Q and A, I was patiently waiting for a magazine, tv show, or radio host to call me for an interview, but they didn't call, so I did my own damn Q and A. [THEY JUST DON'T KNOW MY LEVEL OF HUSTLE TO GET WHERE I'M GOING] Media outlets: Don't hop on me when I blow, I gave you a chance to get at me before I went platinum in the book and clothes game!! LOL....

Live interview from Fluffy's Master Works, 52nd Street in Philadelphia

Media: So, Nasir, I've been following your career for quite some time, give the people some insight on who you are.

Nasir: Nasir Aleem aka King of Blazers, aka Mr. AXP Fly Society, aka You Don't Have These Yet, aka Where did He get Those From, and a bunch of other aliases according to how arrogant I'm feeling at that moment. (laughs while playing with Blackberry) On a serious note, I'm an author, clothing designer, and a businessman on all levels. Currently I'm back in college to finish my degree in Gerontology, a branch of Social Work and I have a concentration in Behavioral Science. Aside from college, I work with at-risk youth in the capacity of a youth service specialist, meaning I interact 1 on 1 with them, do needs assessments, and mentor them in the right direction. My after hour activities include, designing clothes, including sneakers, Philadelphia Custom Motorsports, a auto salon in Southwest Philadelphia, Platinum Sportsbar in the Northeast section of Philadelphia, and my clothing imprint, AXP Fly Society.

Media: What made you make the choice to finish your degree so late in life? You're approaching 30 and you've seen some success in the business world already. Why go back?

Nasir:I promised myself a long time ago that I would finish college. When I was running wild in the streets and I stopped going to school to pursue fast money and street dreams, I lost that focus, living for the moment, versus the future. I am finishing my degree because I promised my family I would, but more importantly, because I believe that with my background I need that to make myself a bit more marketable. I like stability and in today's world, a degree helps. I'm not saying the college dropouts don't make it, but I don't want to chance it. My degree is a Plan B for me. My Plan A is to be a successful entrepreneur and author, all while mentoring youth. The degree is my Plan B, for stability. I have been grounded in the mindset that I can't work for anyone else, because I feel my talents can make me wealthy, versus padding someone else's pockets and leaving me with crumbs, because that's what corporate America does. The bosses make the real money and people settle for a nice salary. Granted, I would love a 100k/year salary, but believe this; If you are paid 100k per year, you probably are making the company you work for millions. Why not make those millions for yourself?

Media: How do you feel about the state of fashion right now?

Nasir: I think fashion is going in an interesting place right now. The independent designers, the ones who work out of their homes and small storefronts are making tremendous moves in the industry and being recognized for their talents. The days of just being a celebrity and slapping your name on some bs are over. Fashion is evolving into people stepping away from what is deemed as normal and venturing into mixing the simple with the complex. For example, I may come out with a pair of Louis Vuitton sneakers on and a v-neck out of K Mart, but I look like a million bucks. The days of being a label hoe are winding down. There is alot of good fashion that isn't based on name brands.

Media: What legacy do you want to leave the people with?

Nasir: I want the world to appreciate my creativity, business mind, and my style. More important, I want people who look like me to know that WE can be a success without a jump shot, hit record, or street fame. There are alot of US making power moves, but they don't interact with people on a base level. Everything is so pretentious and phony. I do this with or without the cameras around.

Disclaimer: I just interviewed myself. These are some things that I was thinking about, so I put them in question and answer form. I don't want people blogging that Nasir Aleem is faking interviews. Just my thoughts. Peace!!!

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Bahama said...

FRESH! See i needed to read Ibn's interview b4, so I could know where you were coming from. You have your hands in many a basket. I wish you much success. And I so feel you on that working for someone making them the big bucks while you get the "decent" change. And with the way our youth is going they are going to need a whole lot of mentoring.

Jetsetter. I defy Time Zones.