29 May 2008

Upgrade your car game ASAP. 2009 Porsche!!!

Just look at the vivid appeal of it. Not to mention they are only making 20,000 of these, so this is as limited as they get. Don't buy one of these if you still: 1. Live with your parents or grandparents. 2. Don't have a house that YOU OWN. 3. Can't maintain the car (oil change, tires, PREMIUM GAS, etc) I would hate to see a cat flossing in this wheel then driving it back to the projects, hoping and wishing that it will still be out front in the morning. People really need to stop that madness and wake up. As much as I love cars, I know they are the worse investment imaginable. At least have the sense to lease them under your business, so you can have a decent tax write off. Don't pull a Wesley Snipes, but you can have some LEGAL deductions. Depending on these book sales and the clothes game, you may see me in one of these sooner than later. Part of being semi-famous is access to things a bit early.

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