16 May 2008

Damn It...More Sneakers I Must Have!!

This is getting outrageous. My addiction to fly sneakers is out of pocket. "Hi, my name is Nasir and I am a sneaker fanatic. It's sad, my range goes from Pumas to the now famous "Lou Vuittons with the red bottoms." One day this has to stop. Ironically, it's rare that you will catch me in sneakers, since I love blazers and loafers, but the feeling of having exclusives is so addictive. Ok, enough of my words, check these out. They will be in my arsenal soon...
For all my old heads, YO MTV RAPS PUMAS
They only released 500 pairs of these, but I just got a confirmation email that a pair is on stash for me. Sometimes it pays to be semi-famous....Supra Skytops
These are ALIFE Pumas...a bit outdated, but I will be tracking these down for the collection.
On another note, I have 3 pairs of ATO sneakers on pre-order from overseas for August release. I won't be posting those, hopefully the pseudo sneaker heads and bootleggers won't figure out what I'm talking about.


Bleue said...

fly as hell!

Lucy said...

i really like them a lot

Jetsetter. I defy Time Zones.