14 October 2009

Is Social Networking Killing Relationships??

Lately I have been hearing a ton of people talking about how Facebook, Myspace, Tagged, Twitter, and these other social networking sites are damaging relationships. I disagree heavily and I will go into my reasoning shortly.
I think that people damage relationships, not these sites. Social networking is the cheapest and fastest way to market yourself, your products, or whatever else you are wanting to get to the masses.
Don't get it confused, there are a ton of people (male & female) that get their computer love or computer smut on, but such is life. My problem comes when I hear people talking about, "Me and my chick were arguing because some women left mad comments on my updates." (insert BLANK ASS STARE here) WHY?!?!?!?!?! Let's be real ladies, if the chick leaving the comments looked like Shabba Ranks
there wouldn't be too many complaints or issues, but it the female leaving the comments looked like . . .
the conversation would go much differently. Now, fellas let's keep it authenic, when you go on your ladies page and the guy leaving the comments looks like . . . LOL . . .
there typically isn't too much conversation, you know how we do, the ego is still in tact, but let a comment come from . . .
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things will go alot differently for some reason.

At the end of the day, it's all about intention and if your intention is to go online and find new jump offs, mistresses, or whatever you are looking for outside of your situation, then be prepared for the insecurity, page hacks, 3rd party stalkers, and the other nonsense that insecure men and women do. If you are only online for the fun and networking of it, just keep it like that and explain that to your significant other.

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