25 June 2009

Child Support: Is this the new Golddigging?

How in the hell should a man have to pay a woman $30,000 a month in child support?

This question has been racing through my mind for the past few days, courtesy of a local radio show where the host was blasting all men, saying men don't take responsibility for their kids and refuse to pay child support.

Granted, I know that some boys in men's bodies are in the world who don't handle their business, but I know a bigger number of men that pay child support, all while going through the bullsh-t headaches from the baby's momma aka I want to keep you down for my own selfish reasons.

TRUE STORY: (Names have been changed to protect the innocent, along with the trifling.)

*Chris works for a nuclear plant, making a bit under 100 grand a year before overtime, meaning with OT he clears well over 100 k a year. *Gina, a nurse, former dancer, retired whore, and now lesbian took him to child support court for increases everytime he told her they wouldn't be getting back together, everytime he bought a new car, or looked as if his life was going too well without her. She skipped the fact that the man takes care of his daughter like his life depends on it. I have a problem with that. Now she pays a portion of her mortgage and new car note with his child support and OPENLY brags about it, almost to the point of ridicule. What's wrong with this picture? I don't think it's EVER alright for a man to have to pay exorbent amounts of child support, because 9 times out of 10, that money is going to luxury pocketbooks, stilletos, the hair salon, spa pedicures and facials, and a bunch of other things the woman who trapped, I mean had the child would NOT be doing on her own. Take for instance, the video chick who slithers her way into a nightclub near you and posts in the VIP searching for the "balla" that is going to take her from a life of $50 a video shoot checks to a condo, Benz, and all the REAL pocketbooks her heart desires....aka the come up. Look at the money that Puffy and some of these other celebrities are paying women who weren't living the lifestyles they now flaunt PRIOR to those child support checks falling. F-CK THAT!!!! Now this doesn't apply to the women who can handle their own, but too many are using child support as a come up and it's wrong. Fellas, step it up though, as a man your child shouldn't want for a thing on your dime. The courts shouldn't have to make that happen. For the MEN who are getting railroaded by a vindictive female, keep being a father to yours. For the BOYS who caused this epidemic, jump off a bridge. I'm not anti-child support, I'm anti using child support as a personal come up or as a pawn to bring a man down because he doesn't want you. Peace!!!

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