25 October 2008

Mercedes Benz Armored Limo


The Merceds Special-Protection Group unveiled it’s latest in luxury protection with the S600 Pullman Guard State Limo. The stretched S600 Mercedes is a custom built limo with armoring designed into the into the body structure rather than added to key points after the fact. This addition of armory at the design level allows the Pullman Limo to withstand projectiles, grenades and even the famed paparazzi. Even if you’re not located in a war zone it’s never crazy to think about your safety. Inside the S600 you’ll find all the standard luxury equiptment you’d expect to find in a Mercedes limo including state-of-the-art communications and entertainment systems. Under the hood you’re looking at 512 HP twin-turbo V12. Which might come in handy in the event you need to make a swift exit, not that there’s anything that could take out this armored limo to begin with.

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