23 December 2009

Passport Sneaker

The dope brainchild of the man himself, MIK JAGGA.


21 December 2009

Respect my Conglomorate

As I sit here looking at comments on my clothing and reflect on my last 2 photo shoots (William Yan and the Source magazine) I realize one thing. AXP Fly Society is a real clothing line, with real potential and raw talent. It bothers me when people reach out wanting haute couture clothing, meaning made to measure aka custom clothes and ask for swap meet pricing. The next thing that bothers me is when people who has somewhat of a celebrity status ask for free clothing, in the name of "promoting your line". I don't need promotion, I need to be paid for what I do. Period. I don't have a issue with tossing an A-list celeb samples, but even that goes into a certain box. For an exchange of clothes, I get access to events that said celebrity is attending, along with the same VIP treatment. I get photos for my portfolio, and I get real exposure. You wearing my clothing to a local party isn't exposure. You mentioning my name on Twitter and all the other social networking sites isn't exposure. You wearing my clothing on the red carpet and when they ask what you have on . . . now that's exposure. Radio interviews are exposure. If you can't offer anything along those lines, YOU CANNOT ask me to do anything for you for free. Fabric costs. My time to construct clothes from yards of fabric costs. More importantly, you wearing a 1 of 1 piece that no one will have, but all will want COSTS. If you don't go into Neiman Marcus, Gucci, or any other stores with nice clothing and get free or discounted clothing, don't ask me. The clothing speaks for itself and no matter what level you want to put AXP on, the clothing is fly as hell. I went on this rant because I'm tired of people wanting to get over. If you can't afford AXP, you can shop at: Bare Feet, Easy Pickins, Pay Half, or any of those other cookie cutter stores with the same outfits in them that everyone else will be wearing. Thank you in advance for respecting my craft.

17 December 2009

09 December 2009

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At this point in my life I couldn't have said it any better.


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